Lifting, educating and empowering families in the developing world

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Impact in 2023 →

Scholarshipped children — 25+

Families sponsored — 15+


Our Mission

Ayuda.World sponsors single-mother families in Nahualá, Guatemala through a two-fold process:

Empowering head-of-household women through housing and monetary allowance

Incentivizing childhood education

Ayuda.World is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, legally certified to take accept public & private donations

Some of our families


Francisca Tzaj Guarchaj

Francisca has been a faithful member of her church for years. She has two children, one of whom currently serves in their church’s missionary efforts. Francisca is an optimistic, strong mother but could really use our help.

Her prior husband and father of two children has struggles with substance abuse and is no longer in their family’s life. In order to provide financially for her family she cleans the church and seeks other odd jobs. However, she still has a daughter at home which makes working difficult. She has seven kids in total, five of whom are no longer home. She hopes to have the opportunity to see her two youngest children graduate from high school.

Her daughter Dana Chox Tzaj is in elementary school but needs financial support so she doesn’t fall behind.

How can you help?

Women like Francisca and Magdelena need your assistance to help their families succeed.

Magdelena Tambriz Tzaj

Magdalena has four children, Manuelito (8 years), Justin (7 years), Miguel (4 years), and Iker (3 years). Magdalena’s husband and father of four children went to the United States seeking work to create a better life for his family.

Unfortunately, Magdalena and their children lost contact with their husband and father.

Over time, the family has come to accept the sad news that their husband and father likely passed away on his journey to the states and will no longer be able to help support them financially.

Their financial runway is wearing thin and the family needs financial support in order for all four kids to continue with their education.


Families in Guatamala need your help

Our impact

  • Mothers have become more professionally productive

    75% of Ayuda.World mothers are employed

  • Children have excelled academically

    3.5 is the average GPA of Ayuda.World students

Ayuda.World sponsors

Learn about our process

Step 1.

Identify driven single-mother famlies

Ayuda.World’s primary endeavor is to identify driven single-mother households that are lacking basic life necessities.

Single-mother families are selected based on their desire to work, and their commitment to their children’s education.

Step 2.

Take care of primary needs

Single-mother families sponsored by Ayuda.World are provided with adequate funds to subsidize basic living costs. The sponsorship stipend is designed to complement the mother’s income to ensure the family can afford basid living costs (e.g., adequate shelter, food, water, medicine).

Step 3.

Incentivize the ongoing education of children

Student scholarships are given in monthly disbursements after report cards from the prior month are reported. Teachers independently verify grades to ensure integrity of reporting in order for students to receive their allotted scholarships.

You can make a difference.

Many Guatamalen families struggle to meet daily needs. You can help them succeed.