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100% of your monthly donations will be spent directly on providing family support and scholarships for children in Guatemala.

Each Ayuda.World family receives up to $50 USD per month for life necessities (e.g., housing, food, water)

Families are given $25 per child each month to cover school fees and other school-oriented necessities (e.g., uniforms, school supplies, food)

Recurring giving options

Recurring donations are the best way to guarantee children complete their education. Without stable, recurring donations, children's educational sponsorship could stop at any moment.

Full family sponsorship

Family life-necessity stipend

Student scholarship

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One-time giving options

One-time donations provide critical funds to help a family with daily life requirements. The following options provide the opportunity to sponsor a family for:

Note—If your desired donation amount is not listed here, please contact us at [email protected] with your desired donation amount and we will create a custom link for your donation.


To cancel your donation, please call +1.801.560.8069 or email us at [email protected]. You are able to cancel and restart your donations at anytime for any reason. Thank you ❤️ for choosing to give.