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Our Mission—

Find families wanting a change, and enable educational growth.

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Identify capable families in need

Ayuda.World’s mission is to identify capable families in need, to give them every resource and support necessary to permanently lift them above the poverty cycle.

Education is a goal

We seek out single mother families with who are committed to supporting their children’s education.

Our Process

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How We Got Our Start

— A Message From the Founder


It all started with a solo trip to Guatemala. I was itching to travel after a summer of work in New York City. At the time I was a broke college student. As such, Guatemala was one of my few plausible options.

In Guatemala, I was impacted by the beauty of the country and the warmth of its people. However, I also saw firsthand the impact that poverty has had on rural Central American economies and their infrastructures. As I traveled around the country, I quickly realized that there were two major issues facing Guatemala; broken homes and children not in school. Both of these resulted in low-income, child labor and a cycle of poverty stricken families.

After returning home from my trip, the most pervasive of my memories was not Antigua, or the volcanic mountain tops, but rather a handful of families I had met who were caught in a stubborn cycle of poverty– a cycle that, in their case, could be resolved!

A few colleagues and I began to research how we could help these families. We dug through many academic articles and books until we found a few simple solutions that could have long-term effects on these families. We decided together, that our goal would be to circumvent the cyclical nature of poverty in Guatemalan Villages by specifically focusing on single mothers and their children. ​

At the time we were college students and realized that we didn’t have enough resources to sponsor an entire village, however; we realized that with $50 per month, we could each personally sponsor a single-mother and a child’s education. It was with each of our meager $50 we saved from skipping a few meals each month that Ayuda.World emerged.   

We invite you to join us and make a monthly contribution to sponsor a family. For $25, you can sponsor the education of a child in Guatemala; for $50, you can cover the household costs of a single-mother family. Schooling costs and household necessities are often what inhibit rural children from completing their education in Guatemala. 

Thank you for joining our effort, we look forward to working with you! 



Founder, Ayuda.World

You can make a difference.

Many Guatamalen families struggle to meet daily needs. You can help them succeed.